Thomas Delauer - Physique Athlete

Growing up as a long distance runner, Thomas DeLauer had a knack, or more so, an obsession with being fit from the time he was six years old. By learning to use exercise as a form of self-meditation and relaxation from a young age, Thomas was able to uncover what many of us don’t uncover until much later in life, and that is passion that not only brings you physical excellence, but mental excellence as well.

Thomas is a classic over-achiever, competing in his first half-marathon by the age of eleven years old and going on to run dozens more throughout Europe and the United States. He was always competing with himself, discovering new ways to challenge himself. At the age of thirteen he discovered the weight room and quickly comprehended the ability to change his body, much like someone chipping away at a marble statue.

Thomas says that the over-achiever in him has always caused him to go to extremes. If he was to be a bodybuilder, than he was going to be the biggest and most shredded one in existence. Quickly, Thomas learned that life is about doing what you love and what you are passionate about, all while keeping a delicate balance of family, friends and life outside of the gym. “I woke up one morning and realized that I have something a lot of bodybuilder don’t, and that’s business acumen as well as the ability to know when it is going too far,” Thomas says. It was at this point when he decided to step on stage in a different light; as a Men’s Physique competitor. Thomas has excelled within this arena and is aiming for his pro-card in 2014. He now preaches the healthy lifestyle of being a Men’s Physique athlete and the hopeful transition of men’s physique into the more classic look of bodybuilding, such as Frank Zane’s physique.

Thomas lives in California, sporting HIT supplements to the Mecca of the fitness and bodybuilding industry.