Lindsey Wells IFBB Bikini Pro

January 4, 2013 became the first day into a world of perseverance and mental toughness that I did not know I even had. I began training for my first bikini competition, after suffering 2 bi-lateral knee injuries, surgery, and rehab. My knee injuries resurfaced, but stepping on stage unprepared was not an option. Thankfully, I was with an amazing trainer who knew how to safely modify my leg workouts without losing out on results. Through it all, I could not have asked for a more humbling experience.
As a result of great coaches, mentors, and facing the daily challenges of show prep, my “bucket list” of one bikini competition this year actually turned into 4, with 4 1st places and the almighty IFBB Pro Card at the 2013 USA Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada!!  All in 7 months, I even surprised myself!  It was all a whirlwind, especially considering I was also balancing my career as a nurse and my grad school studies for nurse practitioner. So the key to balance I suppose is to just do it all! I am excited for the journey as I prepare for my pro debut alongside with HIT Supplements this time around!