Leah Dolan CrossFit Athlete & IFBB Figure Pro

I am a CrossFit Athlete and IFBB Figure Pro. Yes, we can all get along and realize fantastic benefits from mixing multiple training regimes J My training is a mix of CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and traditional bodybuilding…….aaaaannnnnnnd I love it!

I live in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Food prep has taken on a whole new meaning since I moved overseas. Tiny kitchens and refrigerators along with multiple trips to different purveyors for all my food requirements makes for some interesting planning every week! I get a nice workout walking home from all the shops loaded down with my purchases! I love the connection that people have with their products in Barcelona, fresh, local, and seasonal is really on display here!

I started training for figure competitions about 5 years ago when a girl at the local gym approached me and asked if I had ever competed. I didn’t know what figure competitions entailed, but she asked me to train with her.  I’ve always been up for new challenges so I thought “why not”.  I pressed on through the training and competed for the first time in Boise, Idaho in 2011.  I competed for 4 years and earned my IFBB Pro Card in 2013 at The USA Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I´m using Instagram (@LEAHLDOLAN) to share my CrossFit / Figure journey with our community and truly enjoy educating people on proper supplementation, healthy eating and training. I love encouraging people to incorporate new movements into their training and experiment with their food to find the right balance for their goals. If I can inspire others in our community to make lifestyle changes, improve nutrition, and overall athletic performance while doing what they love then I am a happy camper!

My favorite products from HIT Supplements are: