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Privacy Policy of High Intensity Training Supplements, LLC (referred to herein as “we”, “our,” the “Company,” or “H.I.T.”)

1. Scope Of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to your use of www.hitsupplements.com (referred to herein as, the “Site”). This policy does not apply to your use of sites to which the Site links. This policy covers only information collected on the Site and does not cover any information collected offline by us.
We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the users of our Site. This Privacy Policy will advise you about our guidelines concerning the use of your personal information, including, without limitation, the reasonable efforts we make to protect your personal information in accord with these guidelines, and about what choices you have concerning our use of such information. Please read this policy carefully. We may need to change this policy from time to time in order to address new issues and reflect changes on our Site. We will post those changes here so that you will always know our policies regarding what information we gather, how we might use that information, and whether we will disclose that information to anyone. Please refer back to this policy regularly. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

2. Personal Identification Information
We may request personal identification information from you (such as your name, street address, telephone number, credit card number, e-mail address, and/or any other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of you) in connection with your use of, or participation in, the Site. In all of these cases, we will collect personal identification information from you only if you voluntarily submit such information to us. Except as otherwise provided in this policy, we reasonably endeavor to ensure that we never intentionally disclose any personal identification information about you as an individual user to any third party without having received your permission except as provided for herein or otherwise as permitted or required under law. Further, we may contact you based on the information you provide online whether in connection with your registration or in such places as the above described forums.

We may also use cookie technology and Web beacons (discussed in detail below) to improve your experience of these activities, including to remember your preferences, customize the content and advertisements that you see or authenticate your access to your personal information.

We may also contact you to confirm your registration and communicate about your account status, as well as regarding changes to the Site’s Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy.

We may also use personal identification information for internal or external marketing and promotional purposes. On occasion, for example, we may send you e-mails to introduce a product or a service that we think might be of interest to the users of our Site.

We have the following exceptions to these policies: we will release specific information about you or your account to comply with any valid legal inquiry or process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute or court order. We will also release specific information in special cases, such as if there is an attempted breach of the security of the Site, or a physical or property threat to you or others. We may also transfer user information, including personally identifiable information, in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, the sale of related assets or corporate division, or other fundamental corporate change. We may provide access to your personally identifiable information to our contractors who are performing services for us in connection with our Site or the services that you have requested.

Further, the information you enter when making a purchase will be shared with payment processors, financial gateways, and your credit card company to authorize credit card payments. Such information may also be shared with necessary third parties solely for the purpose of carrying out the transactions.

Please note that if you give out personal information online – for example, on one of our public forums such as a message board or chat room – that information can be collected and used by third parties. Although we strive to protect our users’ privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of information you post in these forums and have no control over how such third parties may use your information. You disclose such information at your own risk.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your information and password. You shall be responsible for all uses of your registration, whether or not authorized by you. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your registration or password.

3. Non-Personal Identification Information
We collect non-personal identification information through the use of, without limitation, the following types of methodology:
“Cookie” technology: A “cookie” is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system.
“IP address tracking”: An “IP address” is a number that is assigned to your computer when you are on the Internet. When you request pages from our Site, our servers log your IP address.

“Web beacons”: A “Web beacon,” or “clear gif,” is a small graphic image on a webpage or web-based document that a website can use to determine information about a user.

Non-personal identification information might include the browser you use, the type of computer, technical information about your means of connection to our Site such as the operating systems and the Internet service providers utilized, and other similar information. Our systems may also automatically gather information about the areas you visit and search terms you utilize on our Site and about the links you may select from within our Site to other areas of the World Wide Web or elsewhere online.

We use such information for our business purposes, and, in particular, to administer the Site, better manage advertising on the Site, and, in the aggregate, to understand how our users as a group use the services, features and other resources provided on our Site. This way we know which areas of our Site are favorites of our users, which areas need improvement, and what technologies are being used so that we may continually improve our Site.
We may share this aggregate statistical information with our partners, suppliers and other third parties, but we will not share any individual names, personal navigational or other personal information. For example, we may use a third-party advertising company to serve ads when you visit our Site. We may share demographic and preference information with this company to allow them to display appropriate advertisements for you.

4. Links To Other Sites
Users may find advertising or other content on our Site that link to the sites and services of our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors and other third parties. We do not control the content or links that appear on those sites. In addition, those sites or services, including their content and links, may be constantly changing. Those sites and services may have their own privacy policies and customer service policies, or no policy (policies) at all. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any third party sites or services before providing any of them with your personal information.

5. Security Policy
Protecting your privacy and your information is a top priority. We have taken reasonable measures to secure both your information and our physical premises. We exercise reasonable care in providing safe transmission of your information from your PC to our servers (unless sent by a means outside of our control, such as e-mail). However, we cannot guaranty that our measures will completely bar unauthorized access to your information, and by using the Site you assume this

6. Access To/Correction Of Information
If you would like to review any personal information we have retained about you in our database, please send us an e-mail request for this information at info@hitsupplements.com. To help us address your request, please specify which information you wish to review. Once you have reviewed this information, at your request we will correct personal information about you that you state is erroneous. To request such a correction, please send an e-mail to info@hitsupplements.com. You should be aware, however, that it is not always possible to completely remove or modify information in our databases and servers although we will always make reasonable efforts to do so upon your request. Please also understand that due to the volume of traffic on the Site and correspondence received, we cannot make any representations about the timeliness of the making of such modifications. In addition, we are unable to modify your information in the records of any third party who has been provided with your information in accordance with this policy.

7. Consent To Transfer
The Site is operated in the United States. If you are located in the European Union or elsewhere outside of the United States, please be aware that any information you provide to us will be transferred to the United States. By using our Website, participating in any of our services and/or providing us with your information, you consent to this transfer.

8. Your Acceptance Of These Terms
By using any of the Sites, you signify your acceptance of our Privacy Policy, your promise to comply with the representations you make and contained in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and your understanding of the scope and limitations of the protections provided under the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these policies, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy will mean that you accept those changes.

  1. General
    1. The HIT Rewards Program (“HIT Rewards Program” or the “Program“) is sponsored by HIT SUPPLEMENTS, LLC (“HIT SUPPLEMENTS“, “we”, “us” or “our”). Where the Program is offered, membership is open to legal residents of the United States (including Puerto Rico) who are 18 years of age or older. By becoming an HIT Rewards Program member and participating in the Program, you (i) represent that you are 18 years of age or older and (ii) agree to the following Program Terms and Conditions (these “Terms“). Your membership is non-transferable. These Terms are void where and to the extent prohibited by law. In any area where these Terms are void due to law, HIT SUPPLEMENTS may elect at its discretion to no longer offer the Program. HIT Rewards Program membership and its benefits are offered at the discretion of HIT SUPPLEMENTS. We reserve the right, without limitation, to terminate the Program, or change, limit, modify, or cancel any Program rules, regulations, benefits, or conditions of participation at any time. See “Additional Terms” for more details.
    2. Information collected as part of the HIT Rewards Program will be used as set forth in our Privacy Policy.
    3. For information about an individual account or any other Program-related questions or information, contact HIT SUPPLEMENTS via email at info@hitsupplements.com.
  2. Membership
    1. Enrollment
      1. You can become a Member by going to hitsupplements.com and completing the profile information.
      2. When you provide your profile information (which includes postal address, birthday, preferences) at hitsupplements.com, you will create an online account with hitsupplements.com and a password to access your hitsupplements.com account. You will also be able to access information about your HIT Rewards Points and other information specific to you and the HIT Rewards Program through your hitsupplements.com account. You are responsible for creating a complex password to protect your hitsupplements.com account and for ensuring that you do not share your password with others. Our password requirements and tips for creating a complex password will be provided at the time you complete your profile. To receive all benefits associated with the Program, including receipt of and access to Reward Certificates information, you must fill out the profile information form completely and as specified.
      3. Limit one membership per person and per email address. In the event of a dispute over ownership of the Program account, the registration will belong to the authorized account holder of the email address submitted at the time of registration. For purposes of these Terms, the “authorized account holder” for the email address is the natural person who is assigned to the submitted email address by an internet provider, online service provider, or other organization (e.g., business, educational institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address.
    2. Access and Updating Account Information
      1. Each Member is responsible for maintaining accurate and updated personal information in his or her HIT Rewards Program account profile. You may update your personal information online (hitsupplements.com).
    3. Communication
      1. By enrolling in the Program you agree to receive transactional emails and promotional email offers and updates from the HIT Rewards Program and from HIT SUPPLEMENTS and its affiliates. Members may not unsubscribe from transactional emails of the Program. Members may unsubscribe from HIT SUPPLEMENTS promotional emails at any time via the unsubscribe link in those emails.
  3. Earning Points, and Point Expiration
    1. Earning Points.
      1. Once you enroll as an HIT Rewards Program Member, when you provide your email address when you shop online at hitsupplements.com if you are logged into your HIT Rewards account, you will automatically receive ten (1) Point into your HIT Rewards Program account for every $1 spent on any eligible product purchase (a “Qualifying Purchase,” as further described below). Points earned will be rounded up to the nearest whole number. If you make a Qualifying Purchase and did not provide your email address at the time of the purchase, you may request credit for the Qualifying Purchase within 30 days of the purchase by email at info@hitsupplements.com. You must have your receipt to request any such credits and must provide the transaction number located at the bottom of the purchase receipt for which credit is requested. Once it is confirmed that the purchase was a Qualifying Purchase for which a return did not occur, the appropriate Points will be added to your HIT Rewards Program account. HIT SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right to correct inaccurate Points represented in your HIT Rewards online account.
      2. Points may also be earned by engaging in various ways with HIT SUPPLEMENTS. This can include the following ways to earn Points:
Activity Point Value Frequency
Member profile completion 100 One time only
Referring a friend who joins HIT Rewards 50 2 times per month
Posting product reviews on hitsupplements.com 10 2 times per month
      1. HIT SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right, without limitation, to terminate, change, limit, modify, or cancel any of the above means of earning Points and the number of Points earned (whether through purchase or engagement), at any time, with or without notice.
      2. If you provide your Membership Identifier at the time of purchase or engagement, your Points will be added to your account within 72 hours. You should check your points regularly after each purchase, as HIT SUPPLEMENTS will not make adjustments to a Member’s account after thirty (30) days from the actual purchase (counted in store from the date on the receipt; counted online from the shipment date) or engagement date.
      3. HIT SUPPLEMENTS will regularly issue Reward Certificates during an Earning Period to Members who have earned 100 Points (“Certificate Level”). You will be notified by email at the email address provided in your Hitsupplements.com account that you have earned a Reward Certificate. Upon reaching the Certificate Level and earning your Reward Certificate, HIT SUPPLEMENTS will deduct 100 Points from your Member account. While the 100 Points used for each Reward Certificate will be deducted from your Rewards account for purposes of earning Reward Certificates, those Points will continue to be counted towards determining whether you have reached A-List Status of membership.
      4. If you return merchandise, the Points you had earned from the purchase of that merchandise will be deducted from your current Points total, even if the purchase was made in a prior Earning Period and the deduction creates a negative Point balance. Negative Point balances never expire, but a Member can move into a positive Point balance by making purchases or engaging with HIT SUPPLEMENTS as noted above.
    1. Points Expiration.
      1. For purposes of earning Reward Certificates, YOUR POINTS WILL EXPIRE ON A ROLLING 12-MONTH BASIS. By way of example, if a Member earns Points on October 1, 2011, those Points will be deducted from the Member’s account on October 1, 2012 if the Points have not been used towards a Reward Certificate (in other words, the Member did not earn 100 Points during the 12-month period).
    2. Qualifying Purchases.
      1. Qualifying Purchases include regular and sale priced merchandise, gift card and e-card purchases online, and purchases made with merchandise credits issued in the form of a certificate or gift certificate. Purchases of the following items are not qualifying purchases and points will not be earned on them: the amount of purchase covered by the redemption of a reward certificate or program coupon, redemption of gift cards, sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery charges or other excluded charges specified by HIT SUPPLEMENTS from time to time.
    3. Points Value.
  1. Reward Certificates and Other Benefits
    1. Reward Certificates and Redemption of Certificates and Coupons.
      1. Each time you reach a Certificate Level (earning a Point balance of two thousand five hundred (100) Points) within an Earning Period, you will be eligible to receive one (1) Program Reward Certificate (a “Reward Certificate“). You will be notified that you have earned a Reward Certificate as specified in Section IV.1.g below. Your Reward Certificate will not be sent to you, but you can redeem your Reward Certificate online at Hitsupplements.com as specified in Section IV.1.e below. Points used for Reward Certificates will automatically be subtracted from your Points balance when Reward Certificates are issued.
        1. If you are a Base Level Member, each Reward Certificate will have a value of up to $10 that can be used towards the purchase of HIT SUPPLEMENTS products.
      5. Once you have earned a Reward Certificate, you will be notified that you have earned your Reward Certificate at the email address you designated in your profile information. We suggest adding Hitsupplements.com to the approved senders list in any spam filter you are using, as we have no responsibility for ensuring that you receive emails we send to you. HIT SUPPLEMENTS may also send you reminders about your Reward Certificates or Program coupons by email or to the postal address you provided in your Hitsupplements.com account.
      6. Additional exclusions and limitations may be specified on the Reward Certificate or Program coupon at the discretion of HIT SUPPLEMENTS. Members may be notified of additional eligible and ineligible products at the point of redemption.
      7. No photocopies or facsimiles of Reward Certificates or Program coupons will be accepted. Lost, stolen, or expired Reward Certificates or Program coupons will not be replaced. Qualifying Purchases made at the time a Reward Certificate or Program coupon is redeemed for purchase amounts not covered by the Reward Certificate or Program coupon will be applied to the Member’s account who earned the Reward Certificate that is being redeemed.
  2. Additional Terms
    1. HIT Rewards Program membership and its benefits are offered at the discretion of HIT SUPPLEMENTS. HIT SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right, without limitation, to terminate, change, limit, modify, or cancel any Program rules, regulations, benefits, or conditions of participation at any time, even though such changes may affect the value of Points already accumulated and/or the ability to use accumulated Points toward Reward Certificates. HIT SUPPLEMENTS may, among other things: (i) increase or decrease the number of Points earned on a Qualifying Purchase or for engaging with HIT SUPPLEMENTS; (ii) increase the number of Points required to earn a Reward Certificate; (iii) institute or add blackout dates; (iv) change the value of a Program coupon to be received for a birthday; (v) modify Point expiration dates; and/or (vi) limit the number of Reward Certificates for use by a Member on a single purchase. WE MAY CHANGE OR MODIFY THESE TERMS BY POSTING THE UPDATED TERMS AT HITSUPPLEMENTS.COM AND SENDING YOU AN EMAIL ADVISING YOU OF THE NEW OR DIFFERENT TERMS AT LEAST 30 DAYS BEFORE THEY GO INTO EFFECT. YOUR CONTINUED PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM AFTER SUCH NOTICE WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE NEW OR DIFFERENT TERMS. YOU SHOULD PERIODICALLY VISIT HITSUPPLEMENTS TO REVIEW THE THEN CURRENT TERMS TO WHICH YOU ARE BOUND.
    2. These Terms supersede all previously published Terms in their entirety.
    3. Abuse of the Program, including failure to follow Program policies and procedures, the sale or barter of Reward Certificates, Program coupons, products, Points, or promotional offers, and any misrepresentation of fact relating to these or other improper conduct as determined by HIT SUPPLEMENTS in its sole judgment may result in cancellation of a Member’s HIT Rewards Program account and future disqualification from Program participation, forfeiture of all Points accrued, and cancellation of previously issued but unused Reward Certificates. At our discretion, and without limitation of our other rights and remedies, we may prosecute abuse of the Program to the fullest extent of the law.
    4. Points and/or Reward Certificates or Program coupons are not transferable and may not be combined among Members or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a Member’s estate, and may not pass to a Member’s successors and assigns. Accrued points and/or Reward Certificates or Program coupons do not constitute property of the Member. Accrued points and/or Reward Certificates or Program coupons are not transferable by the Member upon death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or otherwise.
    5. HIT SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right to make bonus Points and other promotional offers available to select Members based on purchase activity, geographic location, Program participation, and/or information supplied by the Member. HIT SUPPLEMENTS reserves the right to add, withdraw, amend, or otherwise change bonus opportunities at any time at its sole discretion, with or without notice to Members.
    6. HIT SUPPLEMENTS, its parent and subsidiaries and affiliate entities, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (the “Released Parties“) make no warranty, HIT SUPPLEMENTS or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the Program, membership in the Program, or any products or services related to the Program. BY PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM, EACH MEMBER HEREBY RELEASES THE RELEASED PARTIES FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, DAMAGES, LOSSES, LIABILITIES, AND OTHER EXPENSES (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ATTORNEY’S FEES) RELATING TO THAT MEMBER’S PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM, USE OF REWARD CERTIFICATES OR PROGRAM COUPONS, OR AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS.
    7. The HIT SUPPLEMENTS logo, HIT Rewards Program logo, and other logos and taglines are the intellectual property of HIT SUPPLEMENTS. Artwork, photography, and logos, including the logos and taglines used in conjunction with the HIT Rewards Program, on this web site or in print, are copyrighted intellectual property of HIT SUPPLEMENTS. These logos and materials may not be used, reproduced, replicated or doctored in any manner without the HIT SUPPLEMENTS written consent of HIT SUPPLEMENTS.
    8. This Program and these Terms will be governed by and construed under the substantive laws of the State of Ohio, without reference to conflict-of-laws considerations, except where federal law including the Federal Arbitration Act apply.
      1. HIT SUPPLEMENTS and Member each agree that any dispute, claim, or controversy arising from or relating to the Program or these Terms shall be resolved by individual binding arbitration, and not through litigation, unless the claim is properly filed in a small claims court on an individual basis. The arbitrator’s authority to resolve claims and make awards is limited to claims between you and us alone. Furthermore, claims brought by you against us, or by us against you, may not be joined or consolidated in arbitration with claims brought by or against someone other than you, unless agreed to in writing by all parties. No arbitration award or decision will have any preclusive effect as to issues or claims in any dispute with anyone who is not a named party to the arbitration. THIS MEANS THAT NEITHER OF US WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO FILE OR PARTICIPATE IN ANY CLASS ACTION OR REPRESENTATIVE ACTION RELATING TO THE PROGRAM, AND THAT ANY ARBITRATION PROCEEDINGS WILL BE LIMITED TO THE CLAIMS BETWEEN YOU AND US. BOTH YOU AND WE ARE GIVING UP ANY RIGHT YOU AND WE MAY HAVE HAD TO A JURY TRIAL, AND ALL OTHER RIGHTS THAT YOU OR WE WOULD HAVE IN COURT THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN ARBITRATION.
      2. This Arbitration Provision is intended to apply as broadly as possible, and to include all parties and claims that would be included in a case brought in court. Thus, the Arbitration Provision also requires arbitration as to any other corporate or natural persons who are parties to the claim, such as our corporate affiliates and vendors, and members of your family. The Arbitration Provision also applies to claims of every kind and nature, including but not limited to counterclaims, crossclaims and third-party claims, and claims based upon torts, statutes, regulations, common law and equity. However, any dispute over the validity, enforceability or scope of this Arbitration Provision shall be decided by a court, not an arbitrator.
      3. You will be responsible for paying your share, if any, of arbitration fees, but only up to the amount of filing fees you would have paid to file a claim in the state or federal court closest to your residence. We will be responsible for any additional arbitration fees, even if we win the arbitration.
      4. This Arbitration Provision shall survive termination of the Program or your HIT Rewards Program account and any bankruptcy by you or us. If any portion of this Arbitration Provision or this Agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, it shall not invalidate the remaining portions of this Arbitration Provision; provided, however, that the entire Arbitration Provision shall be invalidated if the requirement of arbitration solely on an individual basis is deemed invalid or unenforceable.