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Twice the HIT. Half the Price.(EXPIRED)

It’s not often that we blow our premium products out, especially a product as highly rated as the HIT IGNITER EXTREME pre-workout (rated a 9.6 on Igniter Extreme is packed with essential ingredients to support hard-hitting workouts and amp up energy levels. This powerful pre-workout blend combines essential building blocks for muscle growth. Igniter Extreme is formulated with the ideal balance of BCAA’s, creatine, B Vitamins and caffeine, in addition to our proprietary fuel blend to aid with blood flow, focus and recovery.

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Igniter Extreme is a HIT Supplement product, so you know you’re loading up on only the highest quality ingredients, with no fillers. We refuse to cut corners with our products because you deserve to get the most out of your workouts.


The Label Matters

We don’t believe in fillers. Our labels reflect that, and Igniter Extreme is no exception. The highest quality ingredients were blended into HIT IGNITER EXTREME. When we say that our blend includes BCAA’s, we’re not talking about trace amounts. Igniter Extreme is loaded with 30% of the daily recommended value of BCAA’s, and 100% daily value of many essential B Vitamins – and that’s just our pre-workout blend! When it comes to great tasting supplements packed with results, HIT Supplements is raising the bar.


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