About HIT Supplements
After more than 12 years combining Entrepreneurship, a passion for outdoor recreation, and a love for heavy lifting, Shawn and Rachel wanted to build a brand that did MORE. They wanted to create a company and community that is focused on helping people step into their greatness, inspiring individuals to reach their true potential, and motivating our community to face challenges with excitement! Shawn and Rachel are passionate about creating a community that value personal goals and are ready to laugh in the face of mediocrity. Team HIT, Staff and Athletes alike, believe in creating a passionate community that understands and fosters being FULLY present in each moment, creating the Ultimate lifestyle in ALL areas of life through focus on Mindset, Health, and Limitless Performance. We knew that there was more to be given to the supplement market, that’s why we strive to give you highly effective and sophisticated supplements that will help you BE limitless, no matter what goal you have decided to crush. We believe fully in the mind-body connection and know that by supporting our customers in their pursuit of improving their physique and living a healthier lifestyle, we will also be supporting them in their transformation of becoming stronger, more connected, and feeling empowered in all other areas of their life.
This is our DREAM and we are honored to share it with each of you! Now… Go out and BE Limitless!